Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Future For This Blog? And an Update?

I have clearly not blogged in quite a bit. As such I may slightly change the nature of this blog. I would like posts to be even shorter then usual, and more of the cuff as it were. I think these two blogs (kungfuhobbit and Alexander Pruss) manage to be brief in posts, yet deep in content. I would like to follow suit.

Generally I plan out the topics that I would like to blog about, these topics seldom come to be or rather turn into paper projects. For example I was hoping to post on why I am no longer a naturalist, the Israeli-Palistinian conflict, Schellenberg's work, political philosophy, the election, do a series of posts on animal ethics, and so on. The list is gargantuan and has become rather intimidating. These posts will probably come, but perhaps they have more chance of coming to be if I post a snippet at a time. And if there is something worth turning into a longer post or project I shall act in an appropriate manner.

There are several other announcements worthy of mention:

A new Outer Room is in progress.
Exercise II is coming along slowly.
I am running for President of the United States of America in 2028. Here.