Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Update 2/5

Here is a brief outline I plan to make on Mackie’s book The Miracle of Theism.
            1. Miracles and Hume
2. Cosmological Arguments: Leibniz's
            3. Design Arguments

And some other stuff that I may begin to blog on are:

The Argument from Biblical Defects; It appears as though contradictions, forgeries, fairytales, ethical atrocities, and other embarrassments make Biblical Literalism quite untenable but perhaps they make the existence of God less likely as well.
Theodore Drange has an article on the subject Here

I have also been wondering if the existence Satan is logically coherent.

Further I have been reading a bit on ethics, surprise, particularly when it comes to how much one ought to give to poverty, or whether or not one should be a vegetarian.

Also here is some interesting commentary on Egypt with Slajov Zizek and Tariq Ramadan

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