Saturday, April 2, 2011

On Vegetarianism, new post series

In a few future blog posts I will be arguing for moral vegetarianism, that is the claim that it is nearly always wrong to eat meat. I will look at my original argument for becoming vegetarian, discuss an improved argument for vegetarianism, respond to papers on different arguments for vegetarianism, consider objections, and argue that it is morally obligatory that Christians be vegetarians as well.

1. Argument from unnecessary suffering
2. Argument from the deprivation of pleasure
3. Argument from analogy
4. Objections to vegetarianism
5. Why Christians ought to be vegetarians

Links to sources I will be using:
Info on Factory Farming
The Immorality of Eating Meat
Jeff McMahan on Vegetarianism
Jeff McMahan on Predation and Eliminating Carnivorous Species
Norcross Argument from Analogy Against Factory Farming
comments on "Christians are what Christians Eat" by Regan

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